Forty years have passed since that July 3 1984, when the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association began to take its first steps with the registration of the International Production Regulations for True Neapolitan Pizza.

Retrace AVPN's 40-year history today means reliving a kind of renaissance, both cultural and qualitative, that has characterized this period from Neapolitan pizza and our city in general. A poor food that originated in the alleys of Naples has spread as a dish of excellence now to all corners of the globe, thanks to the work that the Association, its affiliates and the many pizza makers scattered around the world do on a daily basis.

Telling 40 years is a long and complex journey that we will make during five days, from June 29 to July 3 2024, during which we will talk about True Neapolitan Pizza in all its facets, starting from the past, telling the present and looking to the future, dissecting the numbers and figures, telling people's stories, and entertaining young and old with educational workshops where they can put their hands to dough.

Many events, divided into educational masterclasses and gastronomic experiences that will culminate in an international conference moment, held in one of the most prestigious locations in our region, the Capodimonte Museum. In fact, it will be the Party hall of Capodimonte that will host on July 3 the conference "A Verace history" a moment of historical confrontation in which pizza chefs, chefs, journalists, sociologists, economists, politicians, nutritionists and influencers from all over the world will take turns to tell the story of Pizza Verace at 360 degrees.